How Solar Battery Systems Help You Save Money

Posted admin on 30/06/2012 - 183

Having a solar panel to save energy and money is excellent. However, we can’t deny that when it’s cloudy, we still depend on the grid to get the extra energy we need. And sometimes, it’s the opposite; we have an excess of energy on sunny days that we can’t store for those cloudy days. Nonetheless, solar battery technologies fix this problem.

Stick to the post and learn more about how this innovation works to save you money.

How It Works

The entire solar battery storage system works the following way:

  1. The solar panels convert sunlight into direct current electricity.
  2. Then, an inverter turns the direct current into an alternating current used for home appliances during the day.
  3. The excess energy is sent to the grid, which charges the solar batteries for homes.
  4. Once the solar batteries for homes charge, the remaining energy feeds back to the grid.
  5. Finally, solar battery storage is used during the night to minimize the dependence on the grid.

You thought we were going to say “the entire solar system,” didn’t you? Nonetheless, having solar battery storage is an experience out of this world.

Benefits Of Having A Solar Battery Storage 

Solar battery storage can sky-rocket your energy usage while still being eco-friendly and saving money. Even when it’s cloudy and your solar panel doesn’t collect much energy, your solar batteries for homes provide that missing energy previously stored. Plus, the solar batteries for homes operate quietly, and you can get back to your activity without any disturbances.

Solar battery storage allows you to get off the grid and provide you safe energy security if you live in places with decaying infrastructure or poor grid conditions. Some companies, like K5600, offer solar technologies (solar panel + solar battery storage) that save up to 40% on electricity bills per year for their customers in Southern California.